Free first loan is possible?

The free first loan a few years ago was as abstract as the thirty-degree heat in our country in the winter. Currently, the latter still does not happen, while the first loan is completely free we can already get. Indeed, it is becoming a standard for the vast majority of lenders, those from the non-bank […]

How Consumers Can Plug the January Hole – Take out Loan

Those who were rather carefree in December with their financial resources often find themselves in the January hole a month later. On the one hand, the bills usually pile up at the end of the year, on the other hand, high spending on Christmas shopping leads to a precarious situation in your wallet. Does it […]

Credit for a Motorcycle: How to Finance Your Passion

Do you also combine the feeling of adventure and freedom with a bike? Especially in the warm summer months, it attracts numerous motorcyclists for long stages or fast jaunts on the streets. Keep a considerable amount of money ready If you want to fulfill your dream of having your own machine, you often have to […]

Renewable loan – how does it work?

A revolving loan is a permanently available credit line connected to your personal account. A revolving loan can be used for any purpose. We use the funds available under it in the same way as we use our own money accumulated on the account   Revolving loan – what is it? A revolving loan is […]

I lack the money for all loan installments – symbolic payments are a good solution?

In November 2017, my monthly income decreased by $ 2,300. I lost two sources of income from month to month … unexpectedly. At that time I had 6 different loans, which I repaid systematically. After losing this income, I decided to choose the next loan to pay back the existing ones, and then the next […]

Do we try to collect a debt?

Attempting to collect a pending debt can become an ordeal for the creditor. And more, if you see the obligation to go to court for it. The injunction is a special judicial procedure to claim the payment of monetary debts, whatever their amount, provided that the debts meet the requirements determined by the law itself. […]

Cash loan as proof without proof of earnings

Loans are still a popular type of financial support for people with various expenses. Granted by banks, they take various forms. Today we will focus on cash loans, answering a frequently asked question. Where can I get a cash loan as proof without proof of earnings? Many consumers, faced with the need to borrow money, […]